The Healthy Hair & Beauty Expo Awards Cosmetologists

The Healthy Hair & Beauty Expo Awards Cosmetologists


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The Healthy Hair & Beauty Expo (#HHBE), launched our #HHBE Hair & Beauty Competition with the aim of giving back to develop the hair and beauty sector. In March 2023, the competition was launched in partnership with Beauty Elements Bijoux, Essential Beauty Pro and scholarship provider D’Marie Institute. The competition gave cosmetologists, hair stylists, makeup artists and students the opportunity to win a share of $500,000 in cash, scholarships, business coaching, prizes.    

Participants for our #HHBE Hair & Beauty Competition were required to register via our website at More than one hundred applications were received, and the top twenty-three were selected. Finalists over a four-week period competed in weekly challenges. Supporters were invited to vote via our social media pages @HealthyHairBeautyExpo. With more than 70,000 voters, the top eleven were selected who competed at The Healthy Hair & Beauty Expo on May 27-28, 2023. The talent showcased during the competition was amazing to the delight of patrons, who were thoroughly impressed by the talent showcased in hair and makeup artistry by the contestants. After two days of intense competition, the winners were selected into their respective categories. 

In the hair category, first place was Ava Gay Lewis, second place was Jonisha Pellion Francis and third place was Monique McLaughlin. In the category of makeup artistry, Celia Williams was awarded first place, Samantha Slater Nelson second place and Aaliyah Gunter third place. The first place winners were each awarded $50,000 in cash, a trophy, business coaching and a scholarship of up to $151,000 and the second place winners were awarded $25,000 in cash, a trophy, business coaching and a scholarship of up to $151,000. The third place winners were awarded business coaching, trophy and gift prizes. The scholarship recipients will be furthering their education to get internationally certified in hair and makeup artistry.   

Organizers of The Healthy Hair & Beauty Expo in a statement indicated, ‘The core of all we do is to give back and we saw this opportunity to create an outlet to help the development of this sector through capital, scholarships & business training to aid in building sustainable hair & beauty businesses'.   

The #HHBE Hair and Beauty Competition will return and potential competitors and partners should stay tuned to all platforms @HealthyHairBeautyExpo and sign up for email updates on our website at  


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